The Russian Revolution.

mayo 20, 2018
  1. Use the information and write a compilation.

The crisis of the Tsarist Empire.

The autocratic government.

The Revolution of 1905.

Tsar create a parliament.

Tsar implement certain reforms.

The Revolution of 1917.

Popular dissatisfaction with the First World War.


2. Match the events to description.

  • The Bolshevik October Revolution.
  • The Bourgeois February Revolution.

a) organised by radicel Marxists, placed the communists led by Lenin in power. Russia withdrew from the war, and then drafted a constitution, which transferred large estates to the peasants, gave workers control of factories and nationalised banks and transport. These actions led to a Civil War in which the Bolsheviks defeated the counterrevolutionary forces.

b) deposed Tsar Nicholas II and established a republic, but their sluggishness and decision to remain in the world war led to their downfall.







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